Undertale — Megalovania (part 9)
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Eugene Chernyakov
Concept, design, UI programming, sound sampling
Oleg Kuzmenko
Programming & development, some UI features, project management

Special thnaks to Tommy Montgomery for his PHP MIDI Parser, Alexander Kosyuk for invaluable advices and Vasya Oblomov for “Going to Magadan” song that inspired us for creation of this website.

Pianizator is the simplest online piano tutorial which contains a lot of free piano lessons. The player interface allows you to control the learning: you may use tempo switcher, timeline tools to make selection of notes, loop them, play a single note or play a melody step by step pressing screen buttons or arrow keys.

The main goal of the Pianizator isn't to teach the whole song performance (sometimes it's impossible using only piano). We aim to help absolute beginners quickly overcome its fear and save they of regular boring lessons (there are rock 'n'rolls and raves here). It's just watching and learning how to play a melody using only finger.

At first, we made lessons from very best known parts, but further we've began to add melodies fragments as much as possible. If is not enough for you or you want to learn a new song that doesn't present here, feel free to tell us. Send an email or comment on facebook and we will try to make lessons you wanted.

Good luck!

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